Balanzza Electronic Luggage Scales

The Balanzza BZ200Weighs only 185g, and includes two AAA batteries.
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The Balanzza BZ400 Mini. The lightest and smallest luggage scale in the world. Includes two Lithium Ion CR2302 batteries.

Balanzza digital luggage scales make it easy to weigh heavy luggage with one or two hands. You just wait 3 seconds for the beep and the reading is captured on the scales' screen. Balanzza scales are easy to use, lightweight and more accurate (50g increments) than traditional analogue (simple spring type) scales.

The Balanzza Digital Luggage Scales are a must-have accessory for all travellers who want to avoid expensive excess luggage charges.

Simple and easy to use, Balanzza Digital Luggage Scales use only 4 easy steps: attach, lift, wait for the beep and set down to read. Weigh your luggage before you check-in to ensure that you don't exceed your baggage weight allowance.

These accurate scales use thick straps to hoist your luggage. Other types of portable scales sometimes use sharp hooks which can be confiscated by airport security personnel.

Features of boBalanzza Luggage Scalesth models:

  • Easy-to-read, large display;
  • Automatic shut-off;
  • Strong and durable strap;
  • Maximum 100 lbs or 44 kgs;
  • Measures in 50 g increments;
  • Weighs lbs and kgs - switches easily.

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