Benefits of ClipLok

ClipLok is designed to be cut off (clipped) from your bag when necessary, yet can be clipped no more easily than a standard luggage lock. In other words, anything less than bolt cutters just won't do the job, which makes unauthorised luggage entry a very conspicuous process. Further, the removal of a ClipLok by clipping, does not mean you have to pay for a costly replacement of the luggage lock - all you have to do is simply fit a new shackle when you get it home.

ClipLokThe ClipLock provides a much more reliable indication of luggage screening (or tampering) than other luggage locks, as the severed shackle in the clip port is unmistakable. It does not rely on a coloured indicator that can be changed (with many of the locks we have tested, this can even be done without a key!). A user will therefore know when the lock has been removed for inspection or other more sinister purposes.

Comparison With Other Luggage Lock Systems

Other systems rely on a number of “master keys” that are distributed amongst Transportation Security Administration, and other security agency staff at various airports across the USA (and a number of gateway airports in the UK - but nowhere else!). Consequently, many people now believe that these master keys are now in the public domain, and agencies such as the TSA continue to cut the locks off destructively because they either do not have access to the keys, have lost them or broken them, or simply can't be bothered to look for them. Simply cutting off the lock is easier for them too, but this is inconvenient and annoying for the user, who must then invest in another lock!

With the ClipLok concept, our company doesn't have to budget for the maintenance and replacement of a large range of master keys for luggage screening agencies. There is a suggestion that this is already a hassle for the TSA, and a number of reports indicate that master keys are frequently lost or damaged. The TSA has reported that, when screeners are unable to locate the correct master key (and the master keys sometimes break), they will cut the lock off anyway.

The ClipLok cannot be removed from one item of luggage, and moved to another item of luggage without clipping it first (cutting the shackle at the clip port), which then also provides an indication of either a screening action or luggage tampering.

The TSA in the United States, and other screening agencies around the globe, already carry (by default) the only tools they will need to remove a ClipLok - a pair of bolt-cutters!

Additionally, a ClipLok can only be removed and reinstated once per journey, which removes the opportunity for criminals to cover up their tracks when raiding a previously inspected bag.

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