So How Does A ClipLok Luggage Lock Work?

ClipLok is a unique luggage lock that has been designed so that it can:

  1. Be normally locked and unlocked by the owner in the traditional way;
  2. Be unlocked by a screening officer when required, simply by cutting ("clipping") it off with a pair of bolt cutters at a special “port” location on the body of the lock;
  3. Be relocked by a screening officer, simply by snapping shut the shackle, as you would with a traditional padlock, after the inspection of the bag;
  4. Have its used shackle replaced with a new one by the owner at the end of the journey.


The hardened steel shackle of ClipLok is used to initially lock a bag in a similar manner to any other regular luggage lock. Should a luggage screener need to open the suitcase, he/she simply “cuts” the shackle at the clip port with a pair of bolt-cutters (standard-issue equipment for screeners). This releases the shackle and allows the lock to be removed from the suitcase for inspection purposes, and automatically re-arms the locking mechanism for keyless re-locking. To reinstate ClipLok, the screener simply re-locks it in the normal way by closing the shackle once more. At the end of the journey, the lock can be opened with the access code. It is then a simple matter to replace the spent shackle with a new one. The ClipLok is shipped with a spare shackle for this purpose, and packs of 5 spareshackles can be purchased cheaply from this website, which guarantees the on-going integrity of your ClipLok.

See how ClipLok works in the videos below:

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See How ClipLok Works

Replacing The ClipLok Shackle

Retrieving Your Luggage