The World's Most Advanced Luggage Lock

ClipLok: The World's Most Advanced Luggage Lock that can be used world-wide - not just the USA!

The ClipLok At a Glance:

  • DOES NOT use a master key system (only some US airports have master keys);
  • DOES NOT require TSA or HMRC approval;
  • Works in ALL COUNTRIES - not just the USA and some gateway airports in the UK;
  • Uses a hardened steel REPLACEABLE SHACKLE;
  • Can be used again and again INDEFINITELY - regardless of where the shackle is cut;
  • Includes an ANTI-PICK 4 wheel combination system (PIN). Most other luggage locks have only 3 wheels;
  • Provides a FOOLPROOF indication of opening (shackle will have been severed at the clip port - no unreliable red/green indicators to worry about).

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