Why ClipLok Does It Better

ClipLok is essentially two luggage locks in one. Instead of relying upon thousands of insecure master keys, a ClipLok actually allows luggage screeners to cut (or clip) it - something they seem to do all the time, regardless of the type of lock fitted.

The reason the ClipLok is not phased by clipping, is that the lock comes with a replaceable hardened steel shackle which, when clipped at a special location by a luggage screener, can be re-locked (reinstated) onto the luggage using a second locking mechanism which is actually built in to the lock body - and all without the need for a master key! The concept is very simple, and relies on no master keys or any other airport infrastructure for it to work.

Passengers are instantly alerted to the fact that their ClipLok has been clipped and reinstated, as a quick check of the clip port reveals a cut shackle. This is an indication that an airport security organisation has clipped the luggage lock to inspect the bag, and a corresponding note to this action should be found inside the bag, which should have been placed there by the luggage screener (hopefully). One has to presume criminal entry if this note can’t be found.


As ClipLok use becomes widespread, the TSA and other security agencies will no longer have to worry about the administration of thousands of master keys, which has been problematic according to many reports. Furthermore, in situations where these keys have been lost or simply cannot be located, or where the keys have actually been broken, a luggage screener will just clip the lock anyway!

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With ClipLok, all luggage screeners have access to the only “key” required – a pair of bolt cutters! ClipLok thus has the potential to reduce the number of lost property claims, and save security agencies significant amounts of time and money. In this sense, ClipLok truly represents a new global standard.

To complete the security of your luggage, we are planning to package other goodies with the ClipLok. Apart from the spare shackle, Travel Sense will soon start shipping a patented zip breach detection system “ZipCheck”, as a bonus. Based on the patented Tell-Tag technology, ZipCheck can be used in conjunction with a ClipLok, and will provide the same level of protection as a Tell-Tag.

Packs of 5 spare shackles are now available from this website (the ClipLok is currently shipped with a spare shackle in the pack), and clipped shackles can be replaced very easily in just a few seconds by using the lock’s anti-pick 4-digit combination lock. See How Video.

ClipLok - The best security solution for your luggage.

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