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Tell Tag Advantages

Tell-Tag is a luggage tamper detection system that will alert you to luggage tampering, giving you the opportunity to notify the airline or authorities before exiting through Customs.

In a situation where your bag's zipper has been forced open (breached), a Tell-Tag luggage seal will detect this condition, and prevent the zip sliders from being used to regenerate the zip chain for to cover up criminal activity.

Tell-Tag allows you to confidently seal your luggage before you entrust it to the care of your airline.

If somebody violates the security of your luggage, Tell-Tag will let you know, as a Tell-Tag cannot be removed without "voiding" the luggage seal and/or destroying the zip stop.

Tell-Tag is very cost-effective.

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ClipLok Advantages

ClipLok can be unlocked by the owner using a 4 digit (10,000 possible combinations) access code, and an advanced "anti-pick" thumb-wheel system.

Luggage lock, or travel lock removal occurs (more often than not, destructively) so that certain bags can be manually inspected for security reasons if necessary. Should a screening agency wish to open a ClipLok, it can be “clipped” or cut off at a special port on the body of the lock, which allows it to be then re-locked by the luggage screeners after they have finished their inspection. The used shackle can then be replaced by the owner at the end of the journey, and the lock is good to go once more.

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