The Edge Universal Power Adaptor

Edge Universal Power Adaptor

The Edge Universal Power Adaptor with USB outlets and surge protection. Works in over 150 countries.

This new Universal Power Adaptor eliminates the need to lug around a variety of adaptors for each destination. In a neat and compact design, this multi-power, multi-destination adaptor will allow your two-pin Australian and New Zealand appliances to be used in over 150 countries!

The first of it's kind to be approved by Australian electrical standards, the Edge Universal Power Adaptor is a must for Australian travellers. Simply attach the appropriate plug for your destination and it's ready to use.

The adaptor is equipped with two 0.5 amp USB charging sockets for your portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras and MP3 players. These have been designed to charge all Apple® products including iPhone, iPad, iTouch etc.


  • Multi-destination power adaptor;
  • 2 x 0.5 amp USB charging outlets;
  • Guaranteed to charge Apple® products;
  • AC Surge protection;
  • Rating 100-240VAC 10AMP;
  • Input 50Hz;
  • Weighs only 150g;
  • Surge protection 175j;
  • Surge current: 6,000A;
  • Approval Number: NSW22269.

The USB charging ports have been designed to work on most USB chargeable products including all Apple ® products. Charging times may vary between devices. Please note: This adaptor does not convert voltage. Please check the supply voltage and the voltage required by your appliance. If they differ, then an appropriate transformer must be used.

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