How does a Zip Stop work?

The Zip Stop - How The Concept Works

The integrated Zip Stop in the Tell-Tag system immobilises the zip sliders of your luggage and prevents them from being driven back over the breached section of the zip. It does this by preventing the zip teeth (elements) from meshing together, effectively acting like a locking brake. It is attached by simply folding and sticking the head of the Zip Stop over one half of the zip chain prior to closing the zip sliders together (sse photo below):

Fitting the zip stop

Video of a demonstration of the fitting of a Tell-Tag

Furthermore, the Zip Stop of a Tell-Tag cannot be removed unless either the Zip Stop or the detection seal is broken, thus necessitating the replacement of the Tell-Tag (i.e. one without your signature). Either way, you will be alerted.

Video for a demonstration of ZIP STOP effectiveness