How Will I Know if Luggage Tampering has Occurred?

When you retrieve your luggage at the end of your journey, a quick visual check of your Tell-Tags will advise you of any luggage tampering. The system is extremely simple and effective.

Claiming Your Luggage

When you claim your luggage at the end of your journey, it is important that you check the integrity of the Tell-Tags that you have fitted to your bags. Check your luggage and Tell-Tags carefully:

tampered tell tag
The "void" on a broken Tell-Tag seal. The word "STOP" can be clearly seen.
  • Ensure that it is your signature on the detection seal, and not an attempted forgery;
  • Ensure the zip chain on each item of luggage is still intact, and hasn’t been breached or broken in any way;
  • Ensure the detection seal hasn’t been voided (see example opposite);
  • Ensure the detection seal hasn’t been fractured or damaged in any way;
  • Ensure that the zip stop hasn’t been broken, and that the zip stop’s tail is still intact;
  • Ensure that the zip stop has not been removed, or pulled out from between the two zip sliders;

Ensure that you inspect any empty, unprotected external zippered pockets of your luggage. They should continue to remain empty.

Alert your airline or Customs Official immediately, if you suspect that the integrity of your luggage has been compromised. Explain to the Official that a detection device fitted to your luggage has indicated an alert condition which could mean luggage tampering. Communicate your concerns clearly and confidently, and inform the Official that you are not happy to proceed through Customs until your luggage has been inspected by them.

Alternatively, if convenient, you may wish to examine the contents of your luggage yourself. In any event, you should not accompany your luggage through Customs (or any other point of entry) without checking the contents of your luggage first. Be sure to declare any items that have been added to your luggage.