About Us

Suitcases on a carousel

Over the last few years, we here at Origineering have invested much of our time developing and/or sourcing inventive and innovative travel products - quality travel accessories and travel security products that actually do what they're designed to do! 

And this is just the start. We are continually developing our library of patents and ideas, from specialised luggage locks and luggage seals, to clever and innovative travel accessories, and we are constantly testing their relevance to discerning travellers across the world. To do this properly, the products need to represent good value for money - and they do. ClipLok and Tell-Tag are such examples. Tell-Tag is the only fool-proof detection system in the fight against luggage tampering, and ClipLok is the new, truly international standard in travel locks, as it works perfectly outside the USA. See how ClipLok works.

Origineering is always on the look-out for sensible and worthwhile luggage security ideas with commercial potential. In-house, the company employs 3D digital prototyping techniques for the on-going design and development of our products. This compresses the development cycle and accelerates the prototyping process so that ideas can be matured quickly from patented concepts to commercial realities:

In 2017, we will bring more travel products to market that will be every bit as clever and innovative as ClipLok and Tell-Tag. Information regarding these products will be posted on this website prior to launch.