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Tell-Tag provides a detection system that will alert you to luggage tampering, giving you the opportunity to notify the airline or authorities before exiting through Customs.

In a situation where your bag's zipper has been forced open (breached), Tell-Tag will detect this condition by preventing the padlocked zip sliders from being used to regenerate the zip chain for criminal cover-up purposes. See Why This Is Important Tell-Tag packageTell-Tag allows you to confidently seal your luggage before you hand it over to someone else's care. If someone interferes with your luggage, Tell-Tag will let you know. As a Tell-Tag cannot be removed without ‘voiding’ the seal and/or destroying the zip stop, a quick check of the tag will alert you to any tampering.

Is Tell-Tag easy to fit?

Simply attach the Tell-Tag zip stop and seal to your bag’s zip and sliders, using our easy, step-by-step instructions.

There is no comparison!

sign tell tag
Sign your Tell Tags for extra protection. If your signature does not appear on the Tell Tag or has been forged, alert airport authorities.

No other luggage tag can fully immobilise the zips of your luggage. Tell-Tag will let you know when your luggage has been used without your consent. When you use Tell-Tag, the unauthorised use of your luggage cannot be covered up.

No matter what we do, we will never be able to reliably secure our luggage. It's just not feasible. Anybody with a knife or a screwdriver can force open even the best quality suitcase. In short, if someone wants to get into our luggage badly enough they will. It is therefore more important to detect luggage tempering than to try to prevent it. Standard zips and padlocks can be easily opened and re-sealed without your knowledge, and a product without a zip stop (such as a plastic numbered 'security' tag with a ty-wrap method of attachment) will not necessarily alert you to tampering.

A criminal using a zip "breach and reseal" technique can effectively get around the "security" provided by a conventionally protected zip chain. See How Alarmingly Easy This Is. This will allow the undetectable use of your luggage for "muling" operations, where your luggage is used by other people for the shipment of drugs and other types of contraband. This is potentially very dangerous for the owner of the luggage, as she/he will be held responsible by the authorities for these items.

Tell-Tag provides a cheap, simple and effective answer.

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