What is Zip Stop Technology?

Without a Zip Stop function as part of the security system of your zippered luggage, any type of locking device can be rendered practically useless, as it will not DETECT tampering. Furthermore, trusting in such a device can give you a totally false sense of security.

view video for a demonstration of zip breach

Ordinary padlocks and security devices cannot prevent a zip breach. You need to know if a criminal has breached your bag!

Most common coil-type suitcase zips can be easily breached by the insertion of a ball-point pen or similar tool into the zip chain. This will force the zip apart, allowing access to the interior of your suitcase. A zip breached in this manner can be easily re-sealed, making detection almost impossible.

Even though two zip sliders have been locked together with a padlock, or some other standard "security" device, the coupled sliders can be simply driven back over the breached section of a zip to regenerate the chain. Depending on the experience of the person involved, a typical zip breach and subsequent reseal can be accomplished in just a few seconds. In such a situation, there is never any suspicion of intrusion, simply because the technique leaves behind no evidence.

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Criminals using such a zip "breach and reseal" technique can use your luggage for the carriage of their contraband and remain confidently undetected, as they can relatively easily get around the "security" provided by a padlock and/or plastic tie and effectively cover up their tracks.

A Zip Stop provides deterrent value

Petty thievery and muling operations rely heavily on those activities remaining inconspicuous and undetected. Tell-Tag, with its integrated Zip Stop technology, prevents undetected intrusions. Upon discovering a Tell-Tag attached to your luggage, a potential criminal will simply move on to the next bag. As an effective deterrent, Tell-Tag truly gives you peace of mind. Tell-Tag: Detect and Deter.

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