Tell-Tag: The Only Luggage Seal that can

Reliably Detect Zip Breaches

Tell Tag
Zip Stop technology prevents the zippers from moving, making a breach impossible to hide.

In the situation where a criminal decides to use your bag to transport drugs via the airline system, it will be done in a way that will be hard for you to detect (and this would certainly be the objective). By using you as the "mule", the criminal runs very little risk of incrimination, but you - the owner of the bag - will be taking a very serious risk indeed - a risk that is completely unnecessary.

So, you really do need to know if someone has tampered with your luggage and YOU WOULD ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW THIS BEFORE YOU EXIT THROUGH CUSTOMS. If you voluntarily declare your bags for Customs searches, explaining to the officials that your anti-tamper seal has indicated a luggage security breach, this cooperative action will demonstrate your awareness of the issues in a pretty obvious manner. Consequently, if something incriminating is discovered in one of your bags, you will have already demonstrated absolute compliance and an absence of criminal intent.

The company tested just about every security device available on the market and with these devices fitted to a suitcase, we were still able to successfully break into a test bag and reseal it without an independent observer being able to tell the difference. Tell-Tag was born from this deficiency, as it prevents any undetected luggage tampering.

Most suitcase zips can be easily opened by forcing a tool - such as a ball-point pen - between the zip teeth. This breaks the zip apart, allowing access to the interior of your suitcase. Unfortunately, even if two zip sliders have been locked together with a padlock or a zip tie, a criminal can easily restore the breached section of the zip by driving the coupled sliders back over the "broken" part of the zip to reclose it. The zip breach and subsequent reseal operation can take just a few seconds. Furthermore, there is rarely any suspicion of intrusion, simply because the technique leaves behind no trace. Check out this story.

Therefore, at the end of your journey, a quick check of your Tell-Tags and luggage will tell you if it's safe to go ahead through Customs or Security:

  • Ensure that it is your signature on the detection seal, and not an attempted forgery;
  • Ensure the zip chain on each item of luggage is still intact, and hasn’t been breached or broken in any way;
  • Ensure the detection seal hasn’t been damaged or voided (see example on this website);
  • Ensure that the zip stop hasn’t been broken, or pulled out from between the two zip sliders, and that the zip stop’s tail is still intact;
  • Ensure that you inspect any empty, unprotected external zippered pockets of your luggage. They should continue to remain empty.

Like many other security devices, a Tell-Tag will also act as a deterrent and those who use it hope that once potential smugglers see a Tell-Tag they will move on. Indeed, Origineering's slogan for Tell-Tag is “Detect and Deter”. It works.

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