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Tamper Detection System

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Tell Tags are simple, light and small so you can pack as many as you need for your journey.

The Tell-Tag luggage seal has been specifically designed to detect luggage tampering. Should your bag's zipper be forced open (breached), Tell-Tag will prevent the bag's zip sliders (zip pulls) from being used to forcibly re-close the zip. In this way, a criminal is not able cover-up his or her tracks. See Why This Is Important

A Tell-Tag will reliably advise you of criminal activity and protect you against THE RISK OF SOMETHING INCRIMINATING BEING ADDED TO THE CONTENTS OF YOUR LUGGAGE. Tell-Tag provides you with an intuitive alert to any luggage tampering, because it cannot be removed without "voiding" its seal and/or destroying the luggage tag itself. Neat, cheap and simple ...

The original idea behind Tell-Tag came from the publicity of the Schapelle Corby case in Bali in 2005. There were simply no products available at that time that could reliably detect luggage tampering, so we decided to try to find a solution.


This solution had to be relatively simple and could not create additional problems for airport baggage handling systems. For instance, airport personnel have difficulty handling items of luggage that have been wrapped in cling films and pallet-wraps. Also, “bin liner” type suitcase covers can get caught up in transport machinery and carousel belts and create the potential for damage and confusion in the baggage claim area of an airport. Mummifying bags in cling films can create similar problems for identification.

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