What Is ClipLok?

ClipLok provides a unique and innovative way to secure your luggage and allows authorised access to luggage screeners anywhere in the world. It's the world's first truly universal travel lock, and works everywhere - not just the USA. It is simply the smartest luggage lock you can buy.ClipLok

On an annoyingly regular basis, the HMRC in the United Kingdom, and the Tranportation Security Administration in the United States, will require access to your checked-in bags prior to your flight's departure. This is necessary so that luggage can be manually inspected for security reasons. In the USA for example, prior to being loaded onto an aircraft, about 1 in 7 bags are selected by the TSA for this sort of manual screening. If you fit a ClipLok luggage lock to your luggage, you will be securing your bags the best way possible, and at the same time, you will be providing authorised access to official luggage screeners around the world. Plus, you don’t run the risk of having your luggage damaged and rendered insecure when your luggage lock is hacked off during this process!

The hardened steel shackle of ClipLok is used to initially secure a suitcase’s zip chain. Should an authorised screener subsequently need to open the suitcase, he/she simply “cuts” the shackle at the clip port (a special location on one side of the body of the luggage lock) with a pair of bolt-cutters, which are standard-issue equipment for screeners. This opens the lock, and allows it to be removed from the bag. What's different about this luggage lock though, is that ClipLok is automatically rearmed when it is cut off, and can be re-attached to your suitcase after screening. No key required! To reinstate the lock, the screener simply re-locks the ClipLok in the normal way by closing the shackle once more - just like any other luggage lock. At the end of the journey, ClipLok can be opened by the owner with the access code in the normal manner. It is then a simple matter to replace the spent shackle with a new one.

ClipLok is available now, and is shipped with a spare shackle. Packs of 5 spare shackles are also available from this website now; a pack of these will guarantee the on-going usability of your ClipLok for years to come.

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